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ABKZ Abkürzungen aus dem Bahnbereich German abbreviations and acronyms of railway terms
AGSM Arbeitsgemeinschaft Schienenverkehr Münsterland Website of the train traffic Münsterland working group
BNNA Bahn-Nachrichtenarchiv Website on general train news. Good! Lots of interesting articles.
BNWN Bahnwesen – Planung, Bau und Betrieb von Eisenbahnen, S-, U-, Stadt- und Staßenbahnen” by Joachim Fiedler and Wolfgang Scherz That is a very comprehensive whopper for students. Covers pretty much everything in the railway domain.
DBWM “Das BW Münster (Westf)” in “Deutsche Bahnbetriebswerke” by GeraMond Long essay on the BW Münster, with lots of photos and a few track plans
DEWE Die Entwicklung des westfälischen Eisenbahnnetzes von 1885 bis 2009” in “Westfalen Regional” by Christian Hübschen Article on tracks as they came and went
DSM-02-20 “Das Schöne Münster”, 2. Jahrgang, 20. Heft, 15.10.1930 (Stadtarchiv Münster). One of the few information-rich sources on the Güterumgehungsbahn, including photos and maps. I actually was able to purchase my own copy (ebay)!
DSIM Das Schienengüterverkehrsnetz in Münster – Sachstandsbericht zur aktuellen Entwicklung” by Dr. Helga Kreft-Kettermann Interesting summary of the status quo of the Münster railway infrastructure in 2005, and projects
EFDR “Entlastung für die Rollbahn” in “Eisenbahn Geschichte” 13 by Heinz Kilian and Christian Hübschen Great (the best) article on the Güterumgehungsbahn
ERME Eisenbahnreviere: Münsterland, Emsland” by Wieland Proske and Clemens Schröder
GDVÜ Münster und die Eisenbahn – zur Geschichte der Vorortbahnhöfe im Überblick” in “Westfalen Regional” by Dr. Helga Kreft-Kettermann Article on train stations in and around Münster, including a map with years of operation
NBAI NRWbahnarchiv + Info” by André Joost Information on signals, speeds, history, everything, for tracks, Betriebsstellen etc. The GUB consists of lines 2010 and 2011.
MGDV Münster: Geschichte der Vorortbahnhöfe” by Dr. Helga Kreft-Kettermann A history (and map) of the train stations close to Münster
MUDE Münster und die Eisenbahn” by Heinz Kilian, Anja Gussek-Revermann The bible on all things Eisenbahn in and around Münster. Covers train history from the first tracks until just after WW II, which unfortunately leaves out the more modern changes, especially the demolitions. Out of print and hard to come by. Yes, I have a copy 🙂
MWBF “Münster (Westf) Hbf” in “Bahnhöfe A-Z” by GeraMond Essay on Münster (Wetf) Hbf with lots of photos and a great track plan as of 1983
STDX STREDA.X ISRViewer Interactive online map with drill-down to texts (PDF, DB-info) and plans (SVG) provided by Deutsche Bahn
SVEW Stilllegungen von Eisenbahnstrecken in Westfalen” in “Westfalen Regional” by Christian Hübschen Article on defunct train lines in Westfalia
TENS TEN Spurpläne Online SVG files including signals für each German train stations, and more
VWDP “Vom Wert des Provisorischen” in “Eisenbahn Geschichte” 10 by Heinz Kilian Article on the track from Dortmund via Lünen to Münster. Which is linked – physically and planning-wise – to the GUB.
W-GUBM Wikipedia “Güterumgehungsbahn Münster“. A good concise summary
ZGZV Münster und die Eisenbahn – zur Geschichte zweier Vorortbahnhöfe” in “Westfalen Regional” by Dr. Helga Kreft-Kettermann Article on the Hiltrup and Roxel train stations with photos now and then
ZWM ZVM Zweckverband SPNV Münsterland Website on local railway train traffic in the Münsterland

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