The Robotic Train Showcase Project (RTS)

I realize I would drive my trains more often if it wouldn’t be a pain taking them out of the show case, putting them on the tracks, and putting them back again making sure all 12 tiny axles of a commuter train are sitting on the equally tiny tracks (1:160 scale makes for 9mm wide tracks).

How about a show case that plucks a train from a shelf and sets it onto the tracks, ready to drive out? And when I’m done, I drive the train into the case and it is being put back on a shelf automagically?

As I like to play with computers, mechanics, and workshop equipment (in steeply descending order of expertise), I think that this can, should, and practically BEGS to be done using an Arduino, mechanics available for 3D printing, and some woodworking.

And this is how it all began in May 2016.

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