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Where in the World?!

I am more into playing with the train and the electronics than spending my time on creating artificial grass and trees (I think – I didn’t try it yet :-)).

But, still, the train environment should be interesting, both the environment and the train track layout.

I considered:

  • New Zealand, the main trunk line between Auckland and Wellington with emphasis on the old Auckland Train Station, Raurimu Spiral, Tongariro National Park, various viaducts between the Park and Wellington, and Wellington Harbor with its train ferries (do they even still exist? I’m getting old…)
  • Münster, with hot-spots Main Train Station, former harbor tracks, and train maintenance buildings.

…and that’s already it. I decided to go with the Münster environment (first), since for starters the train station offers lots of play on a small area.

Once we move into a bigger house I’ll get to the New Zealand theme :-).